Ka mate ka mate,
Ka ora ka ora,
Ah ka mate ka mate
Ka ora ka ora.
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The first four lines of the "Ka Mate" haka made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team has struck fear in the hearts of opposing rugby teams all around the world for 100 years.

The Haka Book contains full actions and instructions on how to perform this famous haka (New Zealand Maori "war dance") so you too can impress your friends or scare your enemies.

The Haka Book contains the history of the haka, interesting stories and photos surrounding many different forms of haka that have been performed through history and throughout the world.

The 24 page A5 glossy full colour Haka Book makes the perfect souvenir of New Zealand for those wanting to know more about this important part of New Zealand history and culture. Learning institutions have benefited from having The Haka Book as a tool for teaching.

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